Being French, and an English-To-French Translator, I know exactly the problems you can have when you try to write in English while being a French native. Some of us translators are exceptional; There really are truly bilingual translators, and I’m impressed each time I meet one, but I’m pretty sure I’m not one of them. Quite frankly, even if I were, I wouldn’t take any risk with my comic books, because I want the english versions of my Rage comics to be seamless. Joseph Carro has been my proofreader/editor since Rage #1, and I’ll probably work with him on all the future Rage issues. Each time I send Joseph my scripts, he not only corrects the obvious mistakes (the ones I shouldn’t make, but which always seem to creep up in my writing), but also the not-so-obvious ones (the ones I’m not even aware of). And each time I read his comments, I learn something. If the text you’re reading looks good, by the way, it’s actually thanks to Joseph, because he proofread and edited this too (and hey, it’s in his best interest). That’s why I need a proofreader and editor, and that’s the reason why I’ll keep working with Joseph Carro.” – Eric Peyron, CEO Glyphs Productions



Joseph is my go-to guy when I need any important technical document reviewed. He not only makes sure my grammar is in order but he is also a great guy to deal with.” -Marcelo Almeida, Senior Hardware Support Engineer