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The Peacoat

Posted on November 7, 2018

I was writing at home, or trying to, when the desire to get up out of my chair finally struck me. I needed out, I needed to get out into the fall weather and interact with humans and stop looking at the page. I grabbed my pea coat, slipped it on, and slipped out the door. My girlfriend at the time wasn’t home yet. The night was cold, and my feet slid over wet leaves that covered the grimy Portland sidewalk. Several times, I had to check my pace or risk falling to the tar. I took in the night air, letting it fill my lungs and letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. Upon entering the store, I wandered around aimlessly. I wasn’t…

Maine Man: Portland

Posted on April 24, 2017

Portland¬†is the largest city here in Maine, with a population of about 67, 000. It is a port town, with a total area of around 69.44 square miles. The city itself rests on a peninsula in Casco Bay, situated in the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. Portland has seen some rough times since the 1970’s when it experienced an economic depression (Due to the Maine Mall being built), but once the downtown area began to be developed and reshaped, it has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years. Now, people flock here to eat, to eat some more, and eat again. (Seriously, there are lots of places to eat here – more restaurants per capita than San Francisco¬†… Well, sort of. The…

The Poor Pallbearer

Posted on September 19, 2016

I stared at the small woman in the casket. She was a stranger to me, and I only knew one of those people among me who mourned her death; my girlfriend, who I was in a failing relationship with. This was one of those instances where I deeply wanted to be there for her, as a sign of effort, of solidarity. It was a small gathering, at a funeral home in New York State. I stood there in my pinstripe blazer, the one I’d purchased back when I first made the bonehead mistake of getting a credit card in my youth. The blazer and my black dress shirt, and my black jeans, and my beat-up dress shoes I wore to work which were covered…

My Top Ten Favorite Male Actors

Posted on October 18, 2015

For this edition of Top Ten, I’ve decided to focus on my top ten favorite male actors. Hey, now – the ladies are coming in another post (sneaky way to get multiple posts, eh?), so just relax. For each actor, I’ll give a brief explanation of why I like them and then post three pics. The Good (Best Role), The Bad (Worst Role), and The Sexy (A ‘Sexy’ Pic Because Why Not? They are celebrities after all, right?). With all that said, let’s begin. 10. LIAM NEESON Liam Neeson definitely deserves to be in my top ten. He’s Irish (like me), kicks a lot of ass, and has starred in some heavy roles. Whenever I see a Liam Neeson film, I know I can…