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Posted on November 11, 2018

Anxiety is a fickle thing, and it lies dormant within your brain, your soul, until you least expect it. It often rears its head at the most inopportune and vulnerable moments and leaves you scared it will happen again. I have wrestled a lot with anxiety in my life, and it stems from multiple events – and the symptoms are triggered when my body is attacked by lots of different stress all at once or over a long period of time. The first time I had a “real” panic attack, I was sitting on the couch at home by myself. My wife at the time had just gone to work, and I was eating re-heated stuffed shells that her mother had made for us…


Posted on August 24, 2018

Jesus’ Son By Denis Johnson 133 pp. Picador, $9.28 In this collection of short stories, which reads far more like a novel than a story collection, Denis Johnson takes us on a journey of addiction, sex, and violence through the eyes of an unnamed central protagonist. This character moves through a Cubist-like narrative structure, dealing with things like grisly car-wrecks and drug deals, but in the disjointed and almost-passive way that only an addict truly could. The way that the story is constructed keeps the pacing relatively interesting, and despite Jesus’ Son being called a collection of short stories, the eleven gritty tales instead feel like eleven chapters of a book, half of which reference one another or are informed by one another throughout…

Why Empire Records Couldn’t Happen Today.

Posted on August 23, 2018

If you’ve never seen Empire Records, please let me preface this opinion post with another opinion – GO SEE IT. It is to the 1990’s what Breakfast Club was to the 1980’s, and I really mean that in the best way possible. Trust me. It’s about a corporate music store attempting to take over a smaller, individual music store but that’s only the surface plot. It’s actually got a lot going on. You won’t necessarily have to have seen the film to know what I’m talking about, but it will definitely make a lot more sense. But I’m going to largely be dealing with the surface plot here. The reason I’m making this post today is because as I was introducing my wife Peyton…


Posted on April 1, 2018

TOWNIE By Andre Dubus III 400 pp. W.W. Norton & Company, $15.95. Acclaimed author Andre Dubus III (House Of Sand And Fog) takes us back with him on a journey through his childhood in the slums of Lynn, Massachusetts all the way up through his development as a young man and then through his battle with his own demons as an adult in this memoir. Dubus provides at times an unflinching take on life in New England, sparing us the smarmy rough-and-tumble portrayal we’ve so often seen in film, and showing us a side of New England we don’t often see – poverty, abuse, and drug culture. The setting of Lynn, Massachusetts could be a stand-in for New York City in the 1970’s with…

On Seeing My First Dead Man

Posted on August 17, 2015

I was eleven years old when I saw my first dead man. I came through the front door of the house, clutching my bloody head, wondering if I should tell my mother about how I was knocked out just a few minutes before by one of her drunk friends. I staggered into our living room on the right, looking down at my shaking hand, at bloody fingertips that I’d touched my scalp with. I winced as pain radiated through the back of my head and neck. My forearms were also pulsing with pain. I could hear shouting. There was a frenzy in the living room. “Mom?” I said. She didn’t hear me. She was blowing air into the dead man’s mouth, but only after…

Why Football Culture Is Not For Me

Posted on February 6, 2015

American Football. Being from the frost-bitten northeastern United States, there are plenty of customs and activities that we do to keep ourselves warm and busy during the snowy winter months. There is hunting, there is snowmobiling or skiing, and there is, of course, football. Much in the same way that I’m derided as not being a “true” Mainer for not enjoying seafood, or being outside in the cold, I can also attest that I’ve gotten this same sort of sentiment for not enjoying America’s favorite pastime. There are several reasons for this.   The first reason is that I suck at sports. No, really. Always have, always will. It’s not that I’m super out-of-shape, although I could stand to be more healthy and active.…