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My Friend Mikey

Posted on December 5, 2018

Sometimes, I think back about friends I had who are no longer with me. This doesn’t have to have anything to do with death, mind you. Sometimes, as people, we just outgrow each other. You move, you go to different schools, you get married. Those kinds of things happen and are pretty inevitable in life. One of these friends I had who fits into this category was named Mike. We all knew him affectionately as Mikey. We met one summer when my mom moved us to Shawmut Street in Lewiston, Maine. We lived in a crappy apartment, infested with fleas and in a bad part of town at the time. We didn’t notice much of that as children, though, only remembering it when we…

My Top Ten Favorite Male Actors

Posted on October 18, 2015

For this edition of Top Ten, I’ve decided to focus on my top ten favorite male actors. Hey, now – the ladies are coming in another post (sneaky way to get multiple posts, eh?), so just relax. For each actor, I’ll give a brief explanation of why I like them and then post three pics. The Good (Best Role), The Bad (Worst Role), and The Sexy (A ‘Sexy’ Pic Because Why Not? They are celebrities after all, right?). With all that said, let’s begin. 10. LIAM NEESON Liam Neeson definitely deserves to be in my top ten. He’s Irish (like me), kicks a lot of ass, and has starred in some heavy roles. Whenever I see a Liam Neeson film, I know I can…