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The Cranberries

Posted on December 7, 2018

The Cranberries have always had a place in my rotating list of music. When I first discovered them, I was living in Exeter, New Hampshire and going to high school. When I first heard the song “Linger” – with Dolores O’Riordan’s ethereal voice singing the bittersweet lyrics – I immediately connected with it, being an emotional and disenfranchised teen boy. I had been infatuated with a girl in the neighborhood, and at the time, I was consumed by her. No matter what I did, however, it was not meant to be. We were really close in the long run, but it would only ever become a friendship and eventually not even that because time moves on and people change, including me and especially her.…

Excelsior: My Tribute To Stan Lee

Posted on November 13, 2018

*Artwork by me.   I don’t have any photos with Stan Lee. I was never lucky enough to meet the man in real life – So, on top of that, I also don’t have any touching anecdotes about how I met him in an elevator once, or how I sat down next to him at a convention, or anything else I’ve been grateful to read about him on the day of his death. Stan Lee never encountered me once during the 95 years he roamed our Earth – he didn’t know I even existed. And yet the mark he left on me was indelible, and though he didn’t know I existed – he knew lots of people LIKE me. I was an archetype in…

My Top Ten Favorite Comedy Movies

Posted on August 9, 2018

Well, we’re right in the middle of summer and at the theaters right now, people are lining up to see their favorite summer blockbuster action films. I love action films – and you can see my Top Ten Favorite Action Films right HERE – but I think one of my favorite genres is Comedy. Whenever my wife and I sit down to watch a movie during dinner, or whenever I want to wind down for the night if I’m by myself, I pop in one of my favorite comedy films. Just like the rest of the other Top Ten lists on my blog (you can see the entire list under the Categories tab on my main page, under Top Ten), this list is numbered…

Dungeons & Dragons Is Back

Posted on July 26, 2018

For many people, playing Dungeons & Dragons, (also known as D&D) and by extension playing any role-playing game, has long been something for the “nerds”. Inaccessible, confusing, tedious. As a kid, I started playing with the 2nd Edition after my stepfather showed us all one of his lovingly preserved character sheets. He explained to us that his character had several skills, and possessed a fair amount of treasure he’d acquired through playing the game. I was immediately intrigued and wanted a character of my own, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I sought out some D&D books at my local library to learn what exactly D&D was and how to play it. Within no time, my friends and I were playing it for…


Posted on July 24, 2018

*Photo courtesy Peyton Carro It’s summer, and as most of you no doubt understand – Summer is a time for activity. My wife Peyton and I try to do something at least once a week which involves travel of some sort, and coupled with a full-time job in the retail world with a changing schedule, I rarely have time to finish my blog posts when I want to so I figured I’d at least drop in and let y’all know what I’ve been doing here in the wilds of Maine. First – the travel I mentioned. I’ve long come to terms with the fact that I will never be a globe-trotter. I do, however, travel extensively on a local level. Since Spring started, I’ve…

Friend Files #19 – Lady Zen

Posted on September 30, 2015

*Above photograph by Stephen Davis Phillips Friend Files is a feature I’ve added to Away With Words, this being the nineteenth installment. Past installments appear under the “Friend Files” tag on my blog. I will be interviewing a friend of mine and showcasing why they are a friend to me and what I like about them, and also a mini-interview (five questions) that detail what they think of me. It’s a way to acknowledge my friends out there and what they’re up to and also introduce them to my larger group of friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who might be interested in reading. Today, I will be talking about Lady Zen – aka Alzenira Quezada. Before I get into what I think of her, here is my mini-interview…


Posted on September 3, 2015

So, I went ahead and added two new pages to the blog. The first was just an updated “ABOUT ME” page which I didn’t even realize I’d had for a good solid year. The second is a list of links to all the cool sites and blogs that my friends have. I know so many cool people that I need to get the word out about their creative endeavors. Please take some time to examine their blogs and sites, I promise there’s something in there for everyone. Check out my Friend Blogs Page and let me know what you think!