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My Top Ten Favorite Fighting Games

Posted on November 6, 2018

I’ve recently been trying to re-focus my blog to a more personal direction, writing creative non-fiction and tales from my childhood. Yet, the other “segments” I’ve created for my blog, such as Top Ten – still call to me. I feel like it’s time to do another. As I was wondering what subject I should write about for this installment of Top Ten, the idea hit me like a massive Hadouken. I should totally do a Top Ten based around my love for fighting games. I’ve always been a big fan of fighting games, though I was never good at them. Because the games usually focus only on fighting, a big chunk of the art direction goes into making the graphics as slick as…

My Top Ten Favorite Action Films

Posted on March 30, 2018

It’s spring, so it’s almost time for those summer blockbusters to hit the big screen. Being that I haven’t done one of these Top Ten lists in a while, I figured I’d take aim and fire off my top ten favorite action films. These are films I’ve carefully thought about, and while they are in a numbered order for the purposes of this list – I think these movies fluctuate up and down, though they mostly all stay in the top ten. Let’s get to it.   10. THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (1996) PLOT:┬áSuburban mom, Samantha Caine (Geena Davis), lives in Honesdale, Pennsylvania with her daughter Caitlin (Yvonne Zima) doing the mom thing and dealing with amnesia. When Samantha receives a bump on the…

Thundercats – A Forgotten Fandom

Posted on May 30, 2016

When I was just a young boy, there was nothing that could make me quite as excited as hearing the theme song for my favorite cartoon come roaring over the speakers of our crappy television set back in the mid 1980’s. The song, and the opening animation sequence, was enough to blow my young mind. Action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction. It was all those things rolled into one marketable 1980’s package. This show was called Thundercats.     Thundercats revolved around an alien race of half-human, half-felines who traveled from their doomed planet Thundera, pursued by a band of mutants. Held in stasis as their ship traveled to Third-Earth, the heroes eventually land and try to make a new home on what should be…

My Top Ten Favorite Women Actors

Posted on October 19, 2015

I already did a Top Ten post this week, but it was featuring all male actors so I felt I needed to do another one – almost like a “part two”…this time featuring my top ten favorite women actors. This will follow the format of my previous post (and please check that one out HERE if you haven’t already) which consists of The Good (The best role), The Bad (The worst role), and The Sexy (A racy photo because….hey, they are celebrities right? And yeah, I did it for the guys, too). Keep in mind that this is a list of my own favorites, and it is subject to change over the years. In any case – let’s get on with it! 10. HALLE…

My Life According To Games

Posted on February 11, 2015

I ran into this little survey on Facebook and it struck a chord with me, so I am using it as an opportunity to create another blog post. Video games have long been a source of entertainment to me, and I don’t think that will stop any time soon. Here we go.     1. FAVORITE GAME:┬áThis one is actually a really hard decision for me. There have only been a handful of games to actually move me enough to utter something as bold as “This is my FAVORITE GAME EVER”. Chrono Trigger is definitely one of them. I mean, I just wrote a 3,000 word blog post on why I believe it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that video games can be art.…