Since I have so many friends who are writers and artists, I want to create this page where I can link to all their blogs and web pages so that maybe you will check some of them out like you have with mine. Just click their names to visit their sites and blogs.


Alexis is a friend of mine from Stonecoast who lives in Vermont. Alexis is a teacher who writes creative non-fiction as well as essays and is working on her memoir about her stint in prison. Her blog is dedicated to promoting her forthcoming book, as well as showcasing her interests and detailing her upcoming public readings. Alexis is the bee’s knees.


Ana is a good friend of mine from grad school. She recently began a blog dedicated to her journey of celibacy and its effect on her for six months. No dating. No sex. More of everything else. Please give her a read.


Andrea is a fellow Stonecoaster who explores the connections between humans and nature, the extremes of motherhood, and the emotional effects of environmental contamination in her writing on her blog. She is a writer (of course) as well as an ecologist, and still finds time to be a mother. How cool is that?


Ben is a fellow cosplayer who mainly cosplays as Hellboy. I met him at a convention and now we’re friends. Cool how that works, isn’t it? Anyway, Ben came up with a great idea to create a fully comprehensive search engine for conventions that fans, cosplayers, and vendors can use to find the conventions that might best suit their needs. Check it out and bookmark it so you can see its awesomeness in action.


Chris is someone I met in my English courses during my undergrad at Saint Joseph’s College Of Maine, Standish. We connected in class and still stay in touch over social media all these years later. He has novels in development and his blog revolves around his dedication to those projects, as well as his journey as a writer, and some short fiction.


Dallas is a fellow Stonecoast alum. She writes popular fiction and her stories are action-packed. She is a mother, an editor, and juggles those things on top of her writing. Her blog focuses mainly on personal essays and musings, but it also contains links to her writing website and editing website.


Danielle is a fellow Stonecoast alum, and is the author of many books, including her first novel Blood Rose. Danielle is a talented author and aside from promoting links to her published works and promoting her work, Danielle’s blog deals with her writing as a whole, her traveling adventures, and aspects of her freelance editing. Check her out!


David, or “DAD” as we all lovingly called him at Stonecoast, is an amazing author and great all-around guy. He was always around to offer advice or just “hang out” with the students, and although I never was able to work with him professionally I was able to give him an earful a few times about my story. David is the author of the Acacia trilogy, and his website promotes those books and other works, on top of giving bio info, links, and excerpts. Check this man out, people.


I met Derek at Stonecoast before he graduated. Derek is one of the nicest guys ever, and his blog serves as a platform for his writing, reviews, and other projects. He writes mostly poetry, and it’s beautiful. Give him a read and make sure to check out the blog and review portions of his site as well.


Devin is a fellow Stonecoast alum, and she is a very talented writer and playwright. She is a part-time cosplayer (she cosplays as Catwoman) and has also recently learned how to be a flying trapeze artist. She writes mostly pop-fiction, and her blog posts revolve around personal opinion, reviews, and what she’s reading currently.


Dolen is a faculty member at Stonecoast, and she was my very first mentor and helped me write my first full-length screenplay with her advice and tutoring. She is the author of Balm and Wench, and her website promotes these novels in addition to providing links to her other work, photos, bio information, and more. She’s a great person and talented woman so you need to see what she’s all about.


Elizabeth Searle is someone I had the great pleasure of working with during a workshop at Stonecoast. On top of that, she urged and encouraged me to send out my stories and was a great cheerleader for my well-being. She is the author of Girl Held In Home and is a Stonecoast faculty member. On her site you can find contact information and links regarding her work, as well as bio information. Take a peek!


Erin is a friend of mine from high school, and due to her initial prompting – I ended up looking into the Stonecoast MFA program. Without her, I doubt I would have heard of the program. Erin is super-nice, and she’s a very talented writer and filmmaker. Her website doubles as a regular blog but also a showcase for her film credentials and freelance contact info. Please check it out – she knows her stuff.


Garrisen (or, Gary as I know him) has just created a blog for the first time. He’s a beginner blogger and has dedicated his blogs to opinion pieces and interviews with friends and family. Check him out and give him some support!


Genevieve is a fellow Stonecoaster from my graduating class. She is a really interesting person (I mean, she practices gung fu) and talented writer, and her blog features book reviews, links to other writers, and some flash fiction. She writes sci-fi, mostly, and it’s worth giving a read. Get to it!


James, or “Jay” as I know him – is a fellow Stonecoast graduate and we connected over Facebook at some point and since then have kept up contact over social media. He’s a father, and his blog revolves around music, cinema, and even retro gaming. He’s been published multiple times, and his writing style is very conversational and inviting. Give his site a looksee!


Joe is a fellow cosplayer (he cosplays as Riddler, mostly) who decided he wanted to put his thoughts out into the world…and so he created a blog. Joe’s blog features his thoughts, advice on games, and day-to-day struggles. He’s always got something to say, so give him a read!


John Shade is a good friend of mine who graduated with me from the Stonecoast MFA program. John is a writer of comic books and short stories, primarily in the speculative fiction field. On his site you can find book recommendations and links to his published works.


Yep, this is me. Why am I in my own friend’s blog section when this is already my blog? Well, this is an opportunity to promote my OTHER blog – “The Average Joe Review Blog” – in which I review games, movies, television shows, and anything else that I feel like reviewing. Check it out if you want an average dude’s opinion on pop culture and eateries.


Julie is a fellow Stonecoast alum and her site is really terrific. She writes short fiction mostly, and she provides free samples of her writing on her site as well as links to her various published works. She’s always got something going on, so please take a look.


Kayla is someone I met online through a mutual friend, and it turns out that she is an amazing photographer. This page isn’t just about showcasing personal blogs for writing, but any creative endeavors my friends are following. Check out her site and take a look at some of her photos. You won’t regret it!


I first met Kazim when he was one of the faculty at Stonecoast. He is an amazing poet, and an all-around talented guy. His website contains contact information, upcoming events he’s attending, links to his published works online, and links to all of his books. Please give this man’s site a visit – you won’t be sorry.


KT Bryski is a Canadian author and fellow Stonecoaster. She is a really cool person and talented writer, and also has a podcast in addition to being a historical reenactor. Her blog focuses on posts about life and her thoughts on many different subjects, mostly writing-related. Give her a shot.


Lew is currently attending Stonecoast and though I didn’t get to know him too well during my time there, he and I connected over social media. From reading Lew’s blog, he focuses on his trials as an emerging writer, his life as a student, and ruminations of his past. His blog also links to many other writers (which partly inspired me to add this page) as well as links to his published works. Check him out, people!


Marco’s blog comes from his background as a horticulturist and gardening educator in addition to his role as writer and managing editor of Oberlin Press. This is a tagline from his blog, EARTHSTOREHOUSE – “OCCASIONAL THOUGHTS OF A ZEN BUDDHIST FARMER ON REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE, PERMACULTURE, AND ZEN PRACTICE.” Check him out!


Mur is the author of The Shambling Guide To New York City and also The Ghost Train To New Orleans, and she also happens to be a fellow Stonecoast alum I had the pleasure of working with before she graduated. She is a very talented author and podcaster, and it’s been great to see her succeed. Check out her blog – there is some really good stuff on there.


Nancy is the sweetest, kindest woman you’ll ever meet. She was my very first workshop leader at Stonecoast, and then she was my mentor during my third semester. She is a fabulous author and penned the Wicked series, as well as many other novels and comic books. On her site you’ll find a plethora of things such as contact and bio information, interviews, contests, and many other stuff. You need to be reading her books, stat.


I had the pleasure of meeting Nikki during her first semester at Stonecoast, after hearing her sing. I just had to go introduce myself to her. She’s one of the nicest people I know, and her blog focuses on poems and essays that are really poignant and deal with tough issues our country is facing, as well as some of her own background. Definitely give her a read.


Roberta is someone I befriended on Facebook a while ago. We bonded over a common troll (never read the comments!) and she brought it to my attention that she has a photo blog. You need to check it out. Her photography is really great and she has a journal portion of her blog as well, which gives details on her background as a photographer and her photographical philosophy.


Rick really needs no introduction. He’s a fine artist, a comic book artist, a professional letterer and cartoonist. He has since decided to take up blogging and I consider him a good friend. We met at a convention a couple of years back and I’ve enjoyed reading his blog posts as he reveals touching and hilarious anecdotes of his younger life and his time in New York City working for Marvel Comics.


I met Rob online years ago on the Top Cow Message Boards. A fellow writer, Rob and I have stayed in touch over all these years and we even worked together, writing for a review site called Rob is hilarious, insightful, and he writes short fiction, poetry, and novels. Rob is a constant presence on social media, and he’s definitely one to follow. I mean, the guy is funny.


Sean was one of the first people to welcome me into the Stonecoast MFA program and now that we’re both alums, it doesn’t mean that we’ve lost touch. In fact, Sean is one of my most prolific writer friends, and he is constantly posting his trials and tribulations regarding his submissions. He writes mostly fantasy fiction, but also writes poetry and other things. His blogsite contains links to his published works.


Shane is a good friend of mine, and fellow Stonecoast alum. He sure knows his beer and booze (I mean, he works for Harpoon Brewery), and this blog is dedicated to his experience with beer and booze in his home state of Vermont. If you’re into beer as much as I am, you’re going to want to give it a shot.


Shawna is a horror writer I met during my time with Stonecoast, and that’s mostly what we connected on. She wrote a delightfully creepy story about a GPS sending people to their doom, and it has stayed with me. On her blog, Shawna discusses a wide range of things, like the perspective of a crippled person, fashion, and other thoughts she has. Shawna’s Blog Of Doom is a must read.


They don’t call Steve “Spidey-Steve” for nothing. Steve created this blog to first promote his campaign to become the next cinematic Spider-Man. The studios chose someone else, but Steve is keeping the ball rolling with posts about his daily life as a trapeze artist, actor, and part-time superhero. Give him a look.


Suri is someone I had the distinct pleasure of meeting in the final residency of Stonecoast that I was sort of “around”. She is very funny, super-intelligent, and is a very talented writer and filmmaker. Her website delves into her personal film projects (she writes and directs and produces many of them) and also her personal developments. Please give her some time and poke through her profile.


Suzanne is one of the kindest people I know, and is a faculty member of the Stonecoast MFA program I graduated from in 2014. Suzanne is the author of many novels, including This Is Paradise, and her blog promotes her work in addition to giving insight into her daily life and process as a writer. Please check out what she has to offer, because she has a lot to offer.


Theodora (or, “Dora” as we Stonecoasters lovingly refer to her as) is a faculty member with Stonecoast, the MFA program I graduated from. She helped me during my time there with a couple of my short stories, and I am grateful I was able to work with such a talented woman. Dora writes many fairytales and fairytale-oriented fiction, but also writes poems, novels, and essays. She is very active on social media, which is something I admire in authors. Please check her out!


Tony is a friend and fellow graduate of the Stonecoast MFA Program. He’s a real stand-up guy who lives in Hawaii and he not only writes but also does stage-fighting choreography (how cool is that?!). His blog focuses on his struggles with writing, and he also offers up writerly advice for things like National Novel Writing Month. Give him a read. He’s got a great conversationalist tone.


Tyler is a friend and former co-worker of mine. We used to work at Starbucks together, and then he made the decision to head to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. His blog details his journey, and other thoughts, and is really an entertaining read if you want to see what life is like there for a struggling actor.