As usual, it’s time for another writing prompt. I haven’t posted many lately because I’ve been so busy (I’ll write an update post later) but I felt like doing one differently than my normal “formula”. Feel free to post whatever you come up with in the comments, or even if you want to just let me know what you thought of the prompt. You can find past writing prompts under the WRITE LIFE tag under Categories on my main page.


With cold, grey eyes set into loose features, the old man with wispy hair watched the young couple struggle up the hill in the snow. His lips were dry and cracked and he wet them absentmindedly with his tongue as the chill seeped into his room from the outside, through the un-insulated walls of the old home.

The young man pulled his girlfriend along, both of them dressed well for the weather; he in a parka and she in a large winter coat and scarf that trailed behind her in the stormy winds. He could, even with his failing eyesight, see that their clothing was torn and they both walked with a limp, however. The old man turned the light on, letting himself be seen by the two strangers as they made their way to his home. They stopped and hesitated before the young man gave a wave.