As an exercise in getting my writing brain going, I want to try to extend at least one writing prompt per week to everyone via this blog. I will try to use it to not only to get my own brain going, and perhaps write something using the prompt – but also maybe to get your brains going. Feel free to use the prompt yourselves.


While enjoying some relaxation on your favorite beach, you find an old bottle sticking out from the sand. You decide to write a message and place it inside to send back out to sea. Grabbing a few scraps of paper, you scribble the message down, stuff the paper into the neck of the bottle, and toss the bottle and message back into the ocean and watch it float away. What would the message say? Who would you preferably like to find it?


That’s the prompt for today/this week. Feel free to use it to spark your own writing. Don’t be shy about sharing any results!