Friend Files is a feature I added to my blog, Away With Words, a while back – this being the 28th installment. Past installments appear under the “Friend Files” tag on my blog. I will be interviewing a friend of mine and showcasing why they are a friend to me and what I like about them, and also a mini-interview (five questions) that detail what they think of me. It’s a way to acknowledge my friends out there and what they’re up to and also to introduce them to my larger group of friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who might be interested in reading online.

Today, I will be talking about my friend Johnny Lynch. Before I get into what I think of him, here is my mini-interview with Johnny (exchanged over e-mail) where he jotted down just a few thoughts:


Johnny Lynch – Writer, Cosplayer, Substitute Teacher, Twitch Streamer


ME: Give me some details about your life.

JOHNNY LYNCH: I’m a long-time lover of the geeky/nerdy world and will answer to the calls of the Jedi Knights, superheroes, and more; ask me who is chief among my heroes, I’ll likely tell you it’s either Superman or Luke Skywalker. I was a news writer for local newspaper The Quoddy Tides and a substitute teacher. I keep no blog of my own (yet), but try to make up for it on my own Facebook page; some people like to post about what they ate, or where they went, or what they saw… I try to post about what’s going on within me and in the outside world. I live with clinical anxiety/depression which has made my life considerably difficult and now I spend my time working hard at getting better via counseling, medicine, and physical training. Deep down, my goal is to become my best self and set my own inner “hero” free and help others to do the same for themselves; show others who are told they are the weak that they are stronger than they know and have a voice.

ME: How exactly did we meet?

JOHNNY LYNCH: We met at the 2015 Bangor Comic & Toy Con! Sadly it was a brief meeting, but I believe I gave you one of the calling cards I printed up for the Con specifically with hope of meeting new people of a like mind. You were, of course, Obi-Wan Kenobi and I was Ash of “Evil Dead II” fame.

ME: What is one good memory involving me?

JOHNNY LYNCH: The only one I have which involved spending time with you is the Bangor Comic & Toy Con; I was psyched to make a new friend! Any other memories would have to involve reading your writings which are full of truth, experience, and thought. Every time you were brave under incredible circumstances in your stories is a good memory to me. But in terms of the future… Well, the inevitable duel between your Obi-Wan Kenobi and my Anakin Skywalker cosplays!

ME: Why exactly are we still friends?

JOHNNY LYNCH: Though I do not message you much, it’s my hope that you consider me a friend. My being so silent is only because my anxiety tells me “yeah, he’d get bored of you. let’s face it, you’re not very interesting.” I like to hope that someday we’ll become better friends… which is how I am with most people, unfortunately.

ME: Anything you want me to plug?

JOHNNY LYNCH: I do, on occasion, run a Twitch gaming stream which I call “That Rad Gaming Show” which explores nostalgic gaming from the late 1980’s – mid 1990’s. It can be found via Facebook HERE.


Johnny is absolutely correct with how we met. I was there at the convention and happened to turn around and see a fellow dressed as Ash from one of my favorite films – Evil Dead II. I went over as soon as I could and introduced myself. We didn’t speak for too long, because I was anxious to get my autograph and photo from Billy Dee Williams – but after the convention, Johnny and I became Facebook friends and we’ve kept in touch since then.

I was very intrigued by Johnny’s online personality. As a writer and as a person, I like when people can discuss their thoughts in a rational and intelligent way, and Johnny had written several essay-like Facebook posts in which he discussed heroism, self-reflection, and self-betterment. I admittedly went through a few of his posts, appreciating his words. I often write long Facebook posts, too, so I immediately identified with him.

We have, as of this posting, not seen each other at any other conventions. But I hope to soon. Until then, we will keep connecting online over nerd and geek culture, discussing characters like Luke Skywalker and Superman. I am glad to know Johnny, and I hope some of you know him a little bit better now. Here’s to another three years of friendship, sir!

And now, I will post a few photos that showcase how cool Johnny is in his day-to-day life. Behold!


Johnny, as I first saw him, dressed as Ash Williams from Evil Dead II at the Bangor Comic & Toy Con.


I think this was one of Johnny’s profile pics when I first met him and befriended him on Facebook. I thought it was a cool photo.


Johnny also likes to make memes, sometimes with his own cosplay. This is him as the Grinch.


Beardy Johnny.


Johnny usually has a good collection of facial expressions.