Hello, all.

Writing is a very lonely endeavor. Anyone who has spent long hours holed away in their local coffee shop or dank basement can testify to this. But it can also be a great opportunity to uplift your fellow comrades in ink.

When I decided to come back to this blog and seriously make it run like an actual blog again, I wanted to take a moment here and there to sort of acknowledge my other hard-working friends out in the vast world of the Interwebs.

In this case, I have a link at the top of my homepage titled Friend Blogs – and I want to make sure that you notice it, so I am making this particular post all about that little link.

In fact, here it is again: CLICK ME, PLEASE

Within, you’ll find a list of clickable names – all of whom are friends, co-workers, or acquaintances who are doing their best out there to get across their art. Their photographs, stories, and films all deserve to be seen.

Please take a moment to visit at least one of these fine people, because I believe the world is a better place with all of them in it. Thanks in advance.