New Blog Feature: Maine Man

There is a saying here in Maine (it may be also said elsewhere, I’m not sure); “I swear I hear of a new town here every day.

I am in my thirties and even living in Maine as long as I have (I’ve only taken a brief stint in New Hampshire), I have not only NOT ever been to a majority of Maine towns – but even some of the ones I’ve been to I have not experienced in their full glory. I accepted this fact a long time ago. In recent years, I vowed that even if I am never to be a globe traveler, I can at least explore my own backyard. And, since I have a blog and have neglected it for quite some time – I decided to create a new blog feature: Maine Man – wherein I write about different Maine towns and cities I’ve been to, attractions they have to offer, and my own experiences within them. I will try to post numerous photos of my own, and if I ever miss anything in a particular town worth noting – feel free to leave mention of it in the comments or message me directly.

I look forward to exploring what Maine has to offer all over again. Hopefully I can guide you to some great spots for eating, sightseeing, or having fun in general. Maine is a wonderful state with endless possibilities. While I don’t have a specific schedule in mind for how often I post things, I will try to post as often as I go to individual towns and cities here in my home state.

Y’can’t get they-uh from he-uh. Yessuh. (But I’m going to try my best.)

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