Rage: Bane of Demons

Recently, through some friends of mine (comic book letterer/artist Rick Parker and his wife, Lisa) I was told about a job opportunity with a French comic book called Rage: Bane of Demons. The creator of the book, Eric Peyron, is French and needed an American who loved comics to proofread and edit the script for an upcoming issue he wanted to market for English speaking audiences here in America. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Comic books have always been a part of my life and the chance to work with even an indie book or a self-published book was still really appealing to me. So I sent Mr. Peyron an e-mail, explaining that I would love the chance to work on the book with him.

While I waited for Eric to decide if he wanted me on the team, I looked up information about Rage and also about Mr. Peyron’s company, Glyph Productions. I was not disappointed.

Rage was started, according to Mr. Peyron, with an idea he had over twenty years ago. Relatively recently, back in the late 2000’s, Peyron decided to bring his creation to life. What resulted is the first edition of Rage: Bane of Demons, written by Eric Peyron and drawn by Thony Silas.


Rage is centered around a protagonist who is one part Conan of Cimmeria and one part Incredible Hulk. The pages are full of action-packed swordplay, rock-crumbling battles, buxom women, and musclebound warriors. (Not to mention the occasional staff-wielding wizard and mysterious magicks) This comic is a heavy metal album in the form of a comic book, and that’s a good thing.

If you haven’t checked out this book yet, you can find the original graphic novel, Rage: Bane Of Demons HERE on Amazon – or you can go straight to Eric’s website, which you can find HERE. The story I helped edit is called Rage: Worm Of The Earth, which you can find HERE. Here is some preview artwork for it, drawn by the very talented Alan Quah (Vampire Diaries, Godzilla) and Stéphane Degardin. (And the new logo by none other than Rick Parker (Beavis and Butt-Head, The Graveyard Book).





  1. I might be wrong, but is the Rage character part of the extended hulk cartoon universe? I feel I’ve seen him in it on Netflix a while back.


    1. Not sure, Jon! I haven’t followed Hulk in quite some time. I do know that when I tell people about this book, I tell them that Rage is sort of like Hulk meets Conan of Cimmeria. I’ll keep my eye out!


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