Wow – a lot has happened in a year.

I switched job locations so that I’d cut out 100 hours of driving time per week. I graduated from Stonecoast, my MFA program. I moved in with my girlfriend to one of the biggest cities in Maine (yeah, yeah – I can hear you laughing from here…but it’s a cool city). I also had lots of fun and attended many conventions and family events.

And, of course, my blog slowly made changes, too. I added the feature called Friend Files where I showcased one of my friends with each entry and why I appreciate them. I added the feature called Cosplay Confessions where I interviewed a cosplayer and asked them some basic questions about their art. I added Eight Simple Questions where I asked comic book creators, from all walks of the comic book industry, to give me the Cliff’s Notes version of what they experienced trying to get into the comic book business.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming to this little space of mine where I can post all my crazy ideas and photos. With this new year of blogging, I look forward to keeping up the features I’ve already established and perhaps adding some more. I would love to add a daily writing exercise blog post if possible, where I can post little writing exercises that I’ve done. Maybe another sort of interview feature where I interview writers and authors about their work.

So, thank you for the close to 4,000 views in a single year. Thank you for assisting me with various things out there, my fellow artists, friends, and cosplayers. I look forward to another year of fun blog posts.

Until next time,
Joseph Carro