Cosplay Confessions: Master Le Cosplay

Cosplay Confessions is yet another monthly feature I’ve added to my blog, though I’ve recently gotten a bunch of submissions so I may do it twice monthly if this persists. Every month (and maybe twice a month), I plan on featuring a different cosplayer and my interview with them, along with photos featuring their cosplays. This will not only be beneficial to the cosplayers themselves – because any publicity is good publicity when it comes to updating your fans on which conventions you’ll be at, and what you’re working on – but it will also be beneficial to those who are interested in cosplay as a hobby.

Since this is a new feature, I have asked some cosplayers I know to fill out my questions and it’s my great pleasure to introduce a man who shouldn’t need any introductions, but I will introduce him anyway – Anthony Le….aka MASTER LE COSPLAY.

You may recognize Anthony Le from his stint with P90X – the crazy workout infomercial from a few years back. However, that’s not why he’s here. Since Iron Man the film came out, Master Le has been delighting his fans with his insanely-detailed, fully-functional Iron Man cosplays. Currently, he creates commissioned Iron Man suits for paying clients, and he seems to be damned good at it. With so many projects on his plate, Anthony was still nice enough to answer these questions, so without further ado – here is Master Le’s interview!


Anthony Le - aka MASTER LE, with his lovely wife.

Anthony Le – aka MASTER LE, with his lovely wife.


QUESTION: Hello! Many people reading this may not know much about you. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been cosplaying?

I’ve been making costumes/cosplay since 1993, when I was little – making my own Halloween costumes, etc. Since then I’ve always had a fascination with building things and taking them apart just to see how they work. Growing up with Marvel and DC Comics, I always had a creative imagination with play time and with art. Jumping further ahead in time, when the first Iron Man movie was about to be released – at the last minute, I decided to make an Iron Man suit for the premiere since he was one of my heroes growing up. One week before the movie was released, I finished the cosplay. The director of the film, Jon Favreau, tweeted my Iron Man cosplay and then I became who I am today 😀




QUESTION: Do you attend many conventions? Which ones are your favorite to attend?

Yes, as many as I can. Meeting new people who love to do the same thing I do is quite fun and refreshing. Conventions I’ve been to are – Nan Desu Kan, Animeland Wasabi, Starfest, Comic Fest, San Diego Comic Con and more. By far the most fun I’ve had is at San Diego Comic Con. I’ve even done some promo for companies including EA games, Oracle, Paramount, Marvel, Crytek, Make-A-Wish and many more.




QUESTION: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to cosplaying?

The only pet peeve I have is only reflected on myself. I always opt to create something better than my last cosplay, setting the bar higher for myself as an individual to see what I can create. I also incorporate flexibility, technology, and practicality to all my cosplays – making them comfy and easy to wear.




QUESTION: What’s one cosplay project you’d like to do in the future?

Oh, I have a huge list, but the one prominent appealing one is the new Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Buster. Moving parts and all the bells and whistles.




QUESTION: Are there any cosplayers (professional or otherwise) who inspire you? If so, why?

Seeing people in uniforms like firemen, police officers, doctors, etc. really inspire me to give back. Using cosplay to give back for example: visiting children’s hospitals and seeing smiles from little kids will bring a tear to your eyes. I’ve done something special with Make-A-Wish.




QUESTION: What do you think sets you apart from other cosplayers?

What I love about cosplayers is that everyone is unique. I see everyone as equals, but everyone is different in their own way, which sets us apart. As for me, I am self-taught. From electrical engineer, master crafter, to a goof ball.




QUESTION: Any advice for someone wishing to begin cosplaying?

My only advice is to take it slow, experiment with all types of materials. Find which you like best and run with it.




QUESTION: Last but not least – do you have a website or Facebook page where people can check out your cosplay endeavors?

My online portfolio

My YouTube




Though the images above represent some of the work that Master Le does – there is no denying that seeing video of his suits in action are much better, so here is Master Le’s video of his costume in motion:

  1. Omg that is outstanding on so many levels!


  2. What the real suits look like that you pay for from Master Le Cosplay/Anthony Le.


  3. Listen. Living in Colorado i know this little shit. When i say little i mean in everyway. He will rip you off, and run your name to the ground all because you said hi to him. Anyways if you do order a suit he will upcharge you like no other around 9000 not worth it. It will fall part in the box. He is so much deep shit with other cosplayers that he hasnt been to ndk or starfest in about 3 years. Oh and he rips off charities. Childerens hosptial will not let him even step foot on the property because he ripped them off. Meaning he did an event made money amd kept more than half.


    1. Yeah, sadly I’ve been hearing this kind of stuff about him, and he’s since unfriended me on Facebook. Too bad, he originally seemed like a stand-up guy.


  4. This guy used to make good looking suits but he’s gotten really clumsy and greedy. He made a really cheap looking suit for a client and charged OVER $8,000 for it. The suit came scratched, pieces were missing, helmet was too small, newspaper scraps were left taped on randomly, and chestplate were miss-alligned. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCAMMER!!


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