Friend Files is a new feature I’ve added to Away With Words, this being just the fifteenth installment. I will be interviewing a friend of mine and showcasing why they are a friend to me and what I like about them, and also a mini-interview (five questions) that detail what they think of me. It’s a way to acknowledge my friends out there and what they’re up to and also introduce them to my larger group of friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who might be interested in reading.

Today, I will be talking about Amanda Ravange. Before I get into what I think of her, here is my mini-interview with Amanda (exchanged over Facebook) where she jotted down just a few thoughts:


Amanda Ravange - Haunter, Booth Babe, Survivor.

Amanda Ravange – Professional Haunter, Booth Babe, Actress, Survivor.



ME: Give me some details about your life.

AMANDA RAVANGE: I act, I do make-up, I do scenic design. I work on movies and in haunted attractions. You can book me for your haunted attraction. I teach classes within the industry. I’ve been a booth babe for a few trade-shows.

Lets see, I’ve also died three times, one being a drunk driving accident caused by my father, who I do not speak to. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 13-ish years, but you can eat whatever you want. I go-go dance at goth clubs. I also used to co-run a zombie walk at the beach. I was in a Silent Hill short called Silent Hill Confined.There’re probably a lot more things that I can say but can’t think of!


ME: How exactly did we meet?

AMANDA RAVANGE: Coast City Comic Con 2011? I was a vampire booth babe.

ME: What is one good memory you have involving me?

AMANDA RAVANGE: That time you drew that awesome picture of me!


ME: Why exactly are we still friends?
AMANDA RAVANGE: Due to the fact that we like the same things. Convention scene and we are both interesting people!


ME: Anything you want me to plug?
AMANDA RAVANGE: Yes! Check out my page HERE.
Also go check out Dead Country USA, which is a web series and podcast I’m going to be in. I think its on Facebook, Instagram, Vine… Should be a good time.If you wanna see a movie I worked on, Almost Human is on Netflix, and Blessid is touring currently.


First off,  before I get into why I am still friends with and like Amanda so much, I’m going to post a couple of links that you people can check her out in:

This is the Silent Hill fan film Amanda told you to check out. It’s really creepy, and it’s short enough to watch without a big commitment. Watch it!


This is the trailer for the horror film Amanda worked on, Almost Human, which is set in rural Maine.
Now, I’m going to discuss Amanda and my friendship with her. We first met, as she indicated above, at the Coast City Comicon way back in 2011 or so. That year I didn’t go in costume most of the time, so when I met her I was just in my regular clothing and she was a vampire “booth babe”. (Otherwise I’d have been dressed as Jareth from Labyrinth) I said hi to her and didn’t end up buying anything from her booth, but she had really cool make up on and I remembered her name due to the autographed card she gave me and then I finally ended up seeing her profile on Facebook after a while and I sent a friend request.

Well, over time we became Facebook friends. She just does an amazing job with make up and I enjoyed seeing her posts about her job scaring the daylights out of people at “haunts”, like Dark Hour in Texas. (You can see details of that on her site linked above) She does a bit of cosplay, and is into the horror scene which I found really cool. Also, she has a lot of interesting stuff to say and is a very beautiful person despite going through a bunch of trauma. She is very open and candid with people regarding her survival stories (especially the car crash she was in as a child) and I found that very endearing and courageous. I mean, I had a pretty bad childhood but she actually died – and more than once, and she’s still super-nice and really is a survivor and inspires many others around her.

Since that first time meeting her at the convention, I haven’t actually seen her at any local cons but now that we’ve talked online a few times, it will be cool when I do see her at a convention and I can finally give her a drawing I did of her a while back. We are internet friends, but because of our shared interests and my respect for her life journey, we have remained friends and I am glad I got to meet her. She is an ultra-cool lady and very interesting, and I enjoy the little asides we have sometimes through one of her posts.

With that, I now leave you with some photos relevant to my friendship with Amanda and who she is as a person:




Amanda can toe the line between sexy and scary with ease. (Well, that make up takes a lot of work, I'd imagine. Look how cool it is!)

Amanda can toe the line between sexy and scary with ease. (Well, that make up takes a lot of work, I’d imagine. Look how cool it is!)

A charcoal drawing I did of Amanda back in 2012 when I was doing my speed-drawing practice.

A charcoal drawing I did of Amanda back in 2012 when I was doing my speed-drawing practice.

A npte/autograph I got on a card from Amanda at Coast City Comicon.

A note/autograph I got on a card from Amanda at Coast City Comicon.

The make up she does is really cool.

The make up she does is really cool. So talented!

...OR cute.

She can be sassy…

...Or creepy. This is Amanda at one of her Haunts.

…Or creepy. This is Amanda at one of her Haunts.


And this is what Amanda went through as a child and why she doesn’t speak to her father any longer. She’s been through so much and has my utmost respect.