For the record, I know I haven’t posted anything in about a week (I think it’s been that long, anyway) but it’s been a combination of me being busy and being sick. Being sick has mostly been the past four or five days. I have this nasty chest cold that just won’t go away. (Hence the picture of me as a zombie headlining this post because, hey – that’s how I feel right now.)

However, I still have some pretty cool upcoming posts. Here are a few examples of what’s coming your way from me soon:

  • Another couple of Friend Files interviews from some cool people I know.
  • Another Cosplay Confessions interview (and I have a bunch lined up, too!).
  • I’m starting another feature called Top Ten which will be used to highlight some of my favorite things in life. I’m working on one that features my Top Ten Favorite Marvel Comics Characters. I’m excited about that one and curious to see who your own favorite Marvel characters are. (Don’t worry, I’m doing a DC Comics one as well.)
  • I have another Eight Simple Questions Interview planned for this month.
  • I also have a couple stories about my childhood coming up as well. One about my time in the foster care system and one about the summer I pretty much lived on a farm in Dixfield, Maine against my will.

So, yep – I have a lot of stuff on my plate but I’m excited to have this much to write about. (And I can’t keep neglecting my review site, either.)

Oh, and in case some of you missed it – there is an online ‘Zine called UPENDER that re-posted my Chrono Trigger opinion piece under their banner. The editor, T.C. Porter, is a stand-up guy. You can see the newer version HERE.

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I need to go out and enjoy the sun and try to get some fresh air into these blocked nostrils. Until next time.