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Hello, friends.

My name is Joseph Carro and this is my new blog and, lucky you – my first-ever post.

First of all, let’s get to the whys and whats:

Glad you asked! (Just play along) This blog will be primarily for my rantings and ravings that I normally post on Facebook. I already have a review blog, called The Average Joe Review Blog – where I post reviews on films, video and board games, books and comic books and restaurants…so I will try to keep that kind of thing to a minimum. Here, on Away With Words, I will post rants and rambling thoughts and even samples of my writing (I’m an aspiring author, after all).

Well, this one’s easy. First off, I needed another outlet for my longer posts. Facebook is nice, but not very conducive to longer posts. Aside from that, I need to get myself out there into the blogosphere. I am also attending my final graduation semester at the Stonecoast MFA residency and for our master class before graduation, we’re tasked with creating a writing blog (and I didn’t want to use my review blog for that)

So, I hope that answered some questions for you. I’m not purporting to be anything more than an average Joe with opinions and thoughts and stories you might be interested in tuning in for. I hope to make this a semi-regular blog, but I wouldn’t expect too much from me until I graduate in July. (Wish me luck)

I hope to see you around!